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Public Mo Fo Announcement – Support these comic projects on Pozible!

Hello… is this thing on… testing… testing… ahem… This is an official Public Mo Fo Announcement. We’re asking everyone to get behind three fantastic comic projects currently seeking funding through Pozible (fyi – it’s like Kickstarter). 1) Sebastian Hawks – Creature Hunter.It’s an action /adventure series based around a turn-of-the-century professional adventurer and creature hunter [...]

Episode 1 Collector’s CD – Now Available

Howdy All,After the thrill of Supanova, we’ve been busy getting the next stage of the Mo Fo ready – yes, the mighty Mo Fo marketing campaign has begun! Episode 1 is of course still available for FREE, online and for download from the Mo Fo website in Standard Definition (1024 x 576) – with no [...]

Supanova Raffle Draw – and the Winner is…

Howdy All,Not satisfied with just launching the complete Episode 1 of the Mo Fo at Supanova Adelaide, we also ran a raffle for an original piece of Dave’s Mo Fo art, produced at the Expo for any and all to see. What started as a blank canvas on the Saturday morning was transformed into an [...]

Episode 1 Launches at Super Supanova Weekend!

Howdy all,Well, it’s done! The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo Episode 1 has launched! We had a great weekend at Supanova Adelaide catching up with many old friends, making some cool new ones, and just generally having a blast of a time.But the biggest news of the weekend is that we came within 1 copy [...]

This Mo Fo just got real! … again…

Howdy All,Episode 1, complete, uncensored, and in Full HD, has gone from digital to physical – just in time for the feeding frenzy of 20,000+ pop culture maniacs that is this weekends Supanova Adelaide! Episode’s are selling for $8, and include Episode 1 (of course), the Spacelord Mo Fo Theme by Seb Hudson, and three [...]

The Mo Fo buzz is building!

Howdy All,We’re only 3 days away from Part 16 of the Mo Fo being unleashed on the world… and 4 days until we launch the completed, uncensored, and fully HD Episode 1 of the Mo Fo at Supanova Adelaide, and the buzz is really starting to rumble. Rumble No. 1  We sat down with Nathan [...]

Supanova Adelaide Update

Howdy All,We’re a week away from Supanova Adelaide and the final touches are being made to Part 16 of the Mo Fo. We’ll be launching the complete Episode 1 on the Mo Fo website on Friday, 16th November — then, for the first time ever, we’ll have the full, uncensored, High-Def, digital version of the [...]

The Mo Fo at Supanova Adelaide

Howdy All,It’s been almost three months since our last update. Unfortunately, Dave and I haven’t had much time to devote to the Mo Fo as we’ve both been super busy with other work (the kind that pays $$ to support our ongoing Mo Fo habit), but slow progress has continued on the final Part 16, [...]