Episode 1 Collector’s CD – Now Available

Howdy All,
After the thrill of Supanova, we’ve been busy getting the next stage of the Mo Fo ready – yes, the mighty Mo Fo marketing campaign has begun!

Episode 1 is of course still available for FREE, online and for download from the Mo Fo website in Standard Definition (1024 x 576) – with no questions asked. EPISODE 1

We hope you like it, and you keep coming back to read future Episodes as they are released. That said, if you REALLY liked it, and you’d like to experience the Mo Fo in the full Uncensored and High Definition (1920 x 1080) magnificence it was intended for, then that version is now available too – the catch is, we hope you’ll support this version with a few real $$s.

We’re in the process of setting up a Digital Download copy which will be available for purchase from one of the major online comic stores and will be posting the details once everything is in place. Until then, for those who still enjoy owning a physical collectible copy of their comics, then we have the Episode 1 Collector’s CD, which was launched at Supanova Adelaide.

Copies are now available to order from our website, or, if you’d like to support your local bricks and mortar comic store, then we’re working on getting copies out to them too. As far as we’re concerned, developing a Digital Comic for the digital medium, doesn’t mean abandoning the comic store world we came from and love. The Episode 1 Collectible CD is our attempt to ensure that our Digital Comic (and hopefully others will follow suit), have a commercially feasible place in the real world, and is not simply limited to the realm of the digital download.
For the moment, the three stores stocking the Mo Fo are limited to the geographic region of Earth known as Adelaide.

Available now at the Adelaide Comics Centre, Pulp Fiction Comics & Justice Comics
The Mo Fo sighted at the Adelaide Comics Centre
Adelaide Comics Centre, 141 Citi Centre Arcade, Shop 15, Rundle Mall, South Australia 5000
The Mo Fo sighted at Pulp Fiction Comics
Pulp Fiction Comics – 34a KING WILLIAM ST ADELAIDE SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5000 – 08 8231 3433
Justice Comics – Shop 14B Station Arcade, 19 Bank Street Adelaide, South Australia 5000

If you would like your local store to order a copy of the Episode 1 Collectors CD on your behalf, please have them contact us at themofos@ironcladimagineers.com and we’ll do our best to arrange it.
If you are a store and you would like to have copies of the Mo Fo available in your store, then please contact us at the same email address.
Cheers All,
Pat and Dave

The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is an ass-kickingly kick-ass post-apocalyptic, space-western dramedy, with anime influences and a bit of that dark and sexy HBO stuff… but really, it’s a love story… No… Really! Oh, and as an Advisory Warning … it’s for a more mature audience… well, not for ‘kids’ anyway… not really sure about the ‘mature’ part.”

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