Supanova Raffle Draw – and the Winner is…

Howdy All,
Not satisfied with just launching the complete Episode 1 of the Mo Fo at Supanova Adelaide, we also ran a raffle for an original piece of Dave’s Mo Fo art, produced at the Expo for any and all to see. What started as a blank canvas on the Saturday morning was transformed into an amazingly cool, hand-painted, character piece of Honey Pott by Sunday’s end.

Photo by Bruce Rogan

The draw was held at approximately 5.00pm, with the tickets collected and thoroughly mixed by resident ticket mixer, Pat.

Then, with the help of Adelaide’s own Cosplay Legend, Steve Scholz, rocking a very convincing Harvey Dent/Two-Face…

The winning ticket was selected.

After calls were made, and the drop was set, Dave went to meet the winner at one of Adelaide’s most notorious space pirate hangouts… the Adelaide Comic Centre…superheroes have also been known to frequent this den of heroes and villainy.

Dave and the Winner of the first Mo Fo Art Raffle – Mathew Musolino. Congrats Mathew!

Thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket in the first ever Mo Fo Art Raffle, you’re contribution was very much appreciated. And congrats to Mathew Musolino on winning the Art Prize! Well done and thank you for your patience :)
Cheers All,
Pat and Dave

The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is an ass-kickingly kick-ass post-apocalyptic, space-western dramedy, with anime influences and a bit of that dark and sexy HBO stuff… but really, it’s a love story… No… Really! Oh, and as an Advisory Warning … it’s for a more mature audience… well, not for ‘kids’ anyway… not really sure about the ‘mature’ part.”

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