The making of ‘A momentary bout of questionably-inspired creativity’

Howdy all,
The silly season is almost upon us (that’s Xmas for the non-understanding folks (that’s Christmas for the even more non-understanding folks)), and Dave and I have been busy doing many non-Mo Fo related things. Yes. We do have lives outside of the Mo Fo. That said, we’ve been doing our bit to keep the Mo Fo buzz alive, and it seems that one such momentary bout of questionably-inspired creativity turned out to be a good idea. And what was this ‘good idea’? It was this photo –

Whatcha doing? Oh, just doodling a plan for the Mo Fo…

And it was the winner of Whatcha Podcast’s, Be An All Star Competition, with a swag of prizes provided by All Star Comics in Melbourne.

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The basics of the challenge is to send a picture of yourself to the podcast showing- ‘Whatcha doing? Whatcha reading” Whatcha watching? etc”. 

Supplying the swag!

It all started when I read Whatcha Podcast’s call on Facebook for last-day, creative entries into the competition… and so, I got creative. The theme for my entry? Well, to paraphrase a couple of well known lab mice, “Whatcha doing tonight, Pat?” – “Same thing I do every night… plotting the Mo Fo’s path to world domination!”
My template for the winning pic, was a time previously where I had used a wall in my former office to break down the characters and plot for a TV pilot I was working on.

Here’s one I prepared earlier…

Now, if you’re going to plan world domination, you need to think big. I mean, REALLY BIG! And, my first thought was to create a ‘Plan’ so big, I would need a Drive-In screen as the drawing board. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a Drive-In screen handy, and my photoshop skills aren’t that good  – so I had to settle for my office wall again.

The Wall before Photoshop…

I still needed a suitably ‘global domination’ looking plan… that I could create in a couple of hours. Can you say, “Hello Google Image Search?”
Ten minutes later, and I had a starting point…

I know, it’s kinda small… but, you have to start somewhere…

Two hours later and the plan was ready…

Strangely enough… in having to fake the global domination plan, I had to come up with the plan for global domination. Mmm… I can’t wait to ride the Bad Kitty Rollercoaster at the MoFoVerse Theme Park. 

And then, after a bit of overlaying, and cutting, and multiplying, and skewing perspective, and marker pen texture filtering – well, it’s 2am, and you get this… again…

Whatcha Doin’ at 2am while the city slumbers and the crickets chirp? Same thing I do every night… plotting the Mo Fo’s path to world domination! Mwahhahahaha!!! *sidenote …may have also consumed too much coffee.

Not a bad bit of Mo Fo promotion if I don’t say so myself.
You can hear Nath, Dean and Mike (the Who’s of Whatcha Podcast) announce the winner on Episode 8 here –
On a personal note, thanks guys for validating the idea :) …  ’cause it’s not so strange to question one’s sanity when it’s 1.45am and you find yourself standing on a foot stool that is precariously perched on two wheeled cabinets while staring at the ceiling as you wait for a camera timer to count down…
And, I’d also like to thank Troy and Mitch at All Star Comics in Melbourne for their generous and awesome prizes! I don’t get over to Melbourne as often as I’d like, but Dave and I did make the journey for Armageddon Expo in 2011 to promote the Mo Fo, and we stopped by the shop and met Mitch and Troy.

Mitch, Troy and the Mo Fos. Awesome shop guys!

And there you have it. Mission Accomplished! The Mo Fo’s taken another step along the path to world domination.
Cheers All,

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